sábado, 12 de abril de 2008


Clothos: The spinner; spins the thread of life
Lachesis : The dispenser of lots; assigns destiny
Atropos: The unchangable; cuts the thread of life at death.

I really don´t know for sure, but Clothos must be very distracted in the spinning of my life fabric.....most likely she hasn´t read Yeats.....because she has spun a very soft and fragile fabric ....everything is treading hard on my fabric of life; in fact, it´s being slowly destroyed. Lechesis isn´t caring for the pattern either....maybe she got sooo distracted with the latest soap opera that forgot to look at the thread colors......or maybe the newest internet game , that one which re-creates people´s lives and their destiny.....probably she forgot to think about the pattern of the real lives.....
Atropos decided to cut threads without looking to the tapestry first......she cut very important threads, interrupted a pattern, cut threads that were going straight through my life....cut the line that is part of my heart, so my heart is missing some bits and pieces...

Actually, I believe that The Fates forgot about my tapestry...they decided somewhere in the middle of it , that instead of pink, it should be blue...and from blue it became fastly a tonality of suffering that i can´t explain anymore.

The Fates forgot that life should be lived and not suffered.....i guess..... or have they decided the other way around??

Feeling so very blue.....................

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